More Classes Added To My Upcoming Schedule!

I have a number of shows approaching, which I'll be posting more about later on, but I also have even more classes coming up, if you missed the two that I recently held at the Benicia gallery.  Scroll down to see the details!


Benicia Plein Air Gallery Group Show

Sunday, August 6th, 300-500 pm-

Next weekend, I'll be sharing my painting for this show, and going over my process and the experiments and iterations I worked through to get to my final product.  I'll one of the 12 artists with a piece in the exhibit.  We'll all have painted the same local water scene, and there will be an ekphrastic poetry reading to go along with it.  It's a lot of fun, and we did something similar last year, with great success.



Workshop- Wet-Into-Wet Clouds and Landscapes-

Saturday and Sunday, August 12-13, 900-400pm, 195$

My July workshop on Clouds was a blast, but if you missed out, I've got a second workshop on Wet-Into-Wet Clouds and Landscapes set up at Arts Benicia! It's filling up, but the space is bigger and can host more students.  We'll explore "reading" the wetness of the paper and brush, educate ourselves about the concept of the Watercolor Clock, experiment with iteration, practice using more calligraphic brushwork, and more.  If you would like to sign up, please follow this link-  Payment will go directly through Arts Benicia, and the workshop will be held in their classroom, which is also in Benicia.  This will be my first workshop on a weekend, as I try to meet the schedules of those with full time work.  Should be lots of fun! 



Workshop- Wet-Into-Wet Clouds and Landscapes-

Wednesday and Friday, September 13 and 15th, 930-430 pm, 185$

That's right, I'm holding this workshop again in September!!  This one will be in Vacaville, and will be held at the studio of painter Misuk Goltz.  Lunch for both days will be included, and Misuk will be holding an additional "Open Studio" on Thursday the 14th, from 10-12 for participants to practice the techniques.  Payment will be made to Misuk by check or Paypal, who is facilitating the workshop, so please contact her directly at for details regarding the workshop, or information regarding payment.  



Workshop- Wet-Into-Wet Florals

Saturday and Sunday, October 28-29, 900-400 pm, 195$

If you missed this workshop in June, but wanted to take it, I'll be offering it again in October through Arts Benicia.  Flowers, much like clouds, are a forgiving subject, and can provide a great way to experiment and test the limits of wet-into-wet painting.  If you've taken the Clouds workshop of mine, the Florals workshop will work in tandem with it, as we'll be exploring and reinforcing many similar subjects- the Watercolor Clock, how to "read" the wetness of the paper and brush, how to achieve hard and soft lines, etc.  If you're interested, please follow this link- .  Payment is made directly through Arts Benicia.