Spotlight on an Artist-

Spotlight on an Artist is an occasional series I do.  It highlights the work of various artists I admire, many of whom I think are largely unknown outside of their country.  I share pics of their paintings and palettes, but also videos of them in progress.  My goal is to share their work and take a look "inside"- to figure out how they go about getting the results they do and to share those thoughts.  Please scroll through and browse at your leisure.  :)  Lots to learn!



Konstantin Kuzema- March 17, 2017

Konstantin has a very stylized, wet into wet approach to cityscapes that I find unique and intriguing.  It's unlike any other urban settings I've seen a painter do- full of soft edges and a strong control of color, all of which leads to a powerful expression of light.  I share some paintings and 2 videos of him painting, which I use to dissect his technique. 


Ilya Ibryaev- July 22, 2016

I really like Ilya's control of light and mist.  I share a lot of his wet into wet work that features these elements.  As is often the case, I found some videos of his, which I share and then discuss, looking for little inroads to his process.


Endre Penovac- June 19, 2016

Endre is from Serbia.  He's most well known for his paintings of cats.  However, he also does fascinating paintings of a variety of other things, such as women, roosters, and fruit.  They all demonstrate a deft control of wet into wet work.  I share many of his paintings, as well as some videos of him working.


Igor Mosiychuk- May 6, 2016

Igor is a Ukrainian painter.  His wet into wet paintings are also painted without tape on a horizontal (or slightly tilted) backing.  His work features a lot of sea and landcapes with beautiful control of edges, both hard and soft.  I share many of his paintings, as well as a number of videos that feature him in action.



Miguel Linears Rios, pt. 1- Feb 19, 2016

Miguel Linears Rios, pt. 2- Feb 27, 2016

Miguel is from Spain.  His work features a lot of intimate, wet into wet urban scenes and fantastical natural spaces.  I interviewed him remotely for pt. 1, and found info about a workshop of his, which I shared in pt. 2.




Ping Long- Jan 23, 2016

Ping Long is a Chinese artist who is very famous in his own country, but relatively unknown here in the U.S.  His work features a lot of vigorous and loose brushwork, and a strong sense of design.  I link to a number of videos of his in Chinese, and spend some time comparing his work to Chien Chung Wei's.


Sergei Temerev- Dec 11, 2015

Sergei is a Russian painter.  His watercolors, done flat on a backing without tape, are full of fantastically gorgeous clouds and seascapes.  I share and pick apart a number of videos of him working in process.