How to Paint a Mural- Step Two- Getting Paint on the Wall

Well, I started my new mural a few weeks ago, and it's been very slow going since. Including the sketching on the wall, I'm about 8 hours in.

I've been blocking in shapes, and learning to blend "on the canvas".  I thought it an opportunity to play with Acrylics in a way that was different than what I might do when layering watercolors, so that's been the approach, to varying degrees of success. I figure first things first, I just need to get paint on the wall, and go from there.

Definitely, the image is growing as we go, as I'm wrapping around the corner on the left (and am going to do so more), and creeping up and around the ceiling too.  Anyways, it's fun, and I'm glad I'm getting going again.  I'm learning lots as I go along!