How to Paint a Mural- Step Three- Learning to Blend

Got to spend about another 4 hours on this late last night.

Here's the original concept drawing, for the 8' x 8' wall. I've inverted the corner lines to better show how it's supposed to fit into its new home. Not bad. Close, but I like how there are changes that occur along the way. The concept is just a plan, IMO.

I'm learning how to blend "on the canvas" better, bit by bit.  No better way to learn than doing, IMO.  So, some mistakes along the way, but I'm having a good time.  Repainted the darker sections of the sky on the ceiling (lightening them up), then expanded things outwards.  Now, we've got clouds up above, and the sky wraps around to the left (past the corner, to the window) and to the right (all the way to the corner with the door).  I didn't intend to make this so big.  It's sort of "growing in the telling" as novelists sometimes say.  It just seemed odd to keep the original dimensions and composition, now that it was on a differently sized wall.

So, current dimensions (wrapping around the corner on the left as part of the width, and including the ceiling as part of the height) are 16' long and 12' high.  BIG!  .... but fun too!  :D