Upcoming Summer Workshops


I am going to be teaching two two-day workshops this summer at the Benicia Plein Air Gallery.  Both workshops will run from 900-400, with a 1 hour break for lunch in the middle.  We'll be working indoors at the gallery, so you'll need your paints, paper, brushes, backing, etc, but no need for plein air equipment.  I'll bring some coffee in the morning, but you'll need to bring your lunch or pick up something at one of the many tasty downtown locations.

If you're interested in participating, you can reach me through the Contact page here on the website to reserve your spot and make a payment.  Space is limited to 8 students, so it'll be intimate.  Sign up early and often!  :D Hahaha!


Loosening Up With Wet-Into-Wet Flowers!

Mon-Tues, June 26-27, 900 am- 400 pm at the Benicia Plein Air Gallery

Not only are flowers beautiful and lively, but they’re also a great tool for exploring and learning about wet-into-wet work.  We’ll spend two days painting bouquets, of course, but we'll also be learning about the Watercolor Clock and the Artist’s Color Wheel, experimenting, and playing fast and loose with edges.  Even if you don't normally paint flowers, if you’ve been intimidated by wet-into-wet work and wish your paintings would loosen up, this is a good class for you to explore the subject and have fun! 

Price- 200$



Loosening Up With Gorgeous Clouds!

Mon-Tues, July 24-25, 900 am- 400 pm at the Benicia Plein Air Gallery

This class can be taken on its own or as a follow up to the class on florals.  Taken in sequence, these two classes will help you build your wet-into-wet skills.  Taken on it's own, you'll be introduced to a number of new approaches.  Clouds are often intimidating, but we’ll be exploring how to build your paintings so you can control the water when you need to and really let it loose at other times. We’ll build on what we learned in the last class, coming back to the Watercolor Clock and the Artist’s Color Wheel, as well as explore new techniques like pouring, lifting, and glazing.  Help yourself gather the tools and techniques you’ll need to teach yourself more in the future!

Price- 200$