Outdoor Viewability- x200t Superbright Outdoor vs. Motion j3400

My x200t is finally back from the repair depot!! Yeah!! I now have a keyboard to type posts and a functioning computer to do art. In the mean time, I decided to pick something else up (the Motion j3400), as I wasn't sure when the x200t was going to return home. The j3400 is suppossed to be the king of Outdoor Viewing for computers. My verdict?

It's very very good, but I'm not sure it's better than the x200t. Just different. Below, I have a long assortment of pics, going over them comparatively. In a gist, the x200t is more reflective, but it's brighter, and it has its own AR coating that reduces the strength of the reflections. The j3400 is a bit less bright, and has it's own AR coating that stops reflections in the their tracks before they even really begin, but, as a trade off, gives you this sparkly "sheen" that reduces color clarity. They're both very good, but as the x200t is slightly more powerful, has better battery life, and comes with a keyboard for the same weight as the j3400, I'll probably be keeping it, since it'll be serving as my main, all around computer.

Now, on to the pics-
x200t with the 8cell battery and j3400 in the shade outside--

x200t with 4 cell battery, comparison to j3400--

Partial shade--

Over the shoulder direct sunlight on the x200t-

Over the shoulder direct sunlight on the j3400-

A comparison of the thickness of the two computers-