I have found great value in studying the works and processes of other painters I admire.  Below are links to various websites.  Explore and profit!  :)


Artist Websites-

          Joseph Zbukvic

          Alvaro Castagnet

          Ewa Karpinksa

          Bjorn Bernstrom

          Sergei Temerev

          Chien Chung-Wei

          Endre Penovac



I often paint standing, at an easel.  I listen to music, and like to move around.  I built it, using a camera tripod and some ingenuity.  I have a blog post I wrote about the process, with many pics and explanations.  Here's a link--


  I can't take complete credit for the design though, which was cribbed from various other folks and cobbled together.  I provide links in my blog post, in the hopes that it might inform others.



I use a lot of squirrel hair mops, as well as some synthetic brushes.  The mops hold a great deal of water and make washes very easy.  The bristles are also very flexible and "expressive" (aka, "floppy"), but also can come to a fine point.  I sometimes get questions about them, in particular the Needle point squirrel hair brush I use for details and line work. 


That brush is from Alvaro Castagnet.  Here's a link to it.  I've not found anything else that quite works like it.  Gotta love that brush!