Upcoming Workshop- Intro to Wet-Into-Wet Watercolors


Class: Intro to Wet Into Wet Watercolors

When: Friday and Saturday, July 27th and 28th, 930-330

This post is a reminder that in 3 weeks time I'll be hosting this summer's "Intro to Wet into Wet Watercolors" class at the Arts Benicia classroom.  This is a really fun class full of experimentation and quick iteration, as we learn to understand the concept of the Watercolor Clock the best way-- through mileage on the brush.  Nothing like trying something out, getting feedback, and trying it out again immediately to quickly learn through doing.

We'll be painting with Neutral Tint only, working on small sheets of paper, doing up to 10 small paintings and experiments a day.  Lots of clouds and landscapes and flowers, as we learn to judge just how wet our paper is and just how loaded our brush is.  This class is the educational bones for all future classes with me, and can help you out on your way forward on your own.

All links to enroll in my upcoming workshops can now be found on the Classes page, here on my website.

Cost- 195$