Over time, I've done a variety of art-related book and DVD "reviews".  Often, I use the review as a platform to discuss painting technique and composition.  In an effort to make these reviews more readily available, I've put together this archive.  Please feel free to browse.  Good books generally stay good books!


Book Reviews-

Cliff Notes for Zbukvic's "Mastering Atmosphere and Mood in Watercolor"-

This book is out of print and exceptionally expensive to get.  I made this 3-part series to break down the basic tenets of the book as I understood them, with a variety of support material to better express things.  Videos, graphics, and "tips" as I saw them are included.

Pt. 1- Understanding and Applying the Watercolor Clock

Pt. 2- Composition

Pt. 3- Edges, Mother Color, and Jewlery

Summer Reading for Watercolor Nerds!

 A post with a variety of short reviews for different art related books.  Links included.

Book Review- Alvaro Castagnet's "Watercolor Masterclass"

A post with a thorough review of the book, with sample photos.  I offer a balanced view of what the book offers, as well as where I think it falls short.

Book Review- Ewa Karpinska's Wet-into-Wet Watercolor"

In this post I review her book, which works as a great, in depth exploration of Zbukvic's Watercolor clock.  Ewa's book focuses almost solely on the water cycle and how to take advantage of it.  If you're looking for technical know-how on this subject, and can find a copy (it's out of print and expensive) it's very much worth your time.  The best book currently available on this element of painting watercolors.

DVD reviews-

Castagnet's "Painting With Passion"

Alvaro's first DVD, and currently out of print.  The most hands on of his DVDs.  Includes some discussion of on-site prep, sketching, and composition. We go over materials and methods.

Castagnet's "Inspired Watercolor"

Here he paints on the Costa Brava, in northern Spain.  Some discussion of varying hues and pushing contrast.

Castagnet's "The Passionate Painter in Antwerp"

Marvelous paintings done in Antwerp, with lots to learn.  The most useful, IMO, of his DVDs that I've watched.  I go into how he varies water moisture to get his darks, as well as how he seems to be using opaque pigments.  Closeups of Alvaro's palette and paints.

Zbukvic's "Atmosphere and Mood in Watercolour"

Features paintings from Melbourne and Venice.  Much comparison of Joseph's video to Alvaro's, as well as comparative painting approaches.  Some talk about his rough watercolor sketches and paint set up.  A look at his palette and paints.

Zbukvic's "Watercolor on Location"

Joseph paints primarily around Melbourne and its environs.  I talk about how he simplifies and gently alters subjects to produce the best painting.

Zbukcvic's "Watercolor Impressions"

Joseph paints in Melbourne and in Paris. Again, I end up focusing on the "alchemy" that occurs when he changes a live scene into a painting.  What changes and what stays the same.