I have an artcile published in The Art of Watercolor!

Hi everyone.  I wanted to share this bit of news with you, if you haven't heard elsewhere.  After much drafting and writing and editing and cropping and whatnot over the last three months, I've got an article in this quarter's issue of The Art of Watercolor!!  :)  It's a good sized 6-page article, with an exclusive step-by-step of the painting below.  It has info on my approach generally speaking, as well as my thoughts on the value of failure and painting more often, and what can happen when you paint "in series." 

The Art of Watercolor is based out of France, and they do a copy in French and a copy in English.  It's actually a really good magazine, and I have had a subscription to it for a couple of years, so it's very exciting to be in its pages as one of the featured artists, after having been a reader myself!  If you've not picked up an issue before, you can buy a physical copy here for about 12$ US-


or get a digital copy here-


For those who take the time to pick up an issue and read through the article, if you have additional questions (about my approach, or the step by step, etc), please use the comments here to your advantage.  I can't communicate to readers of the magazine, but I have a direct line to all of you here on the blog!