Kauai July Workshop- Details and Overview

I've had some people recently ask me for details about the workshop I'm teaching, and I thought I ought to share my thoughts and outline here, for those who might be interested.  So, without further ado...



The workshop is intended to be a low-key, personal affair.  I'm hoping this will make it more fun and useful for students.  My goal is to run a workshop that is relatively different from many normal ones.  No 9-4 schedule, no demo after demo with no focused skill set for the student to explore, no 20 students that a teacher can never get to.  Instead, my goal is to limit the numbers to 3-8 students, and to focus on learning through play, experimentation, and iteration- much like what I talk about here on the blog.  The best way to learn in the long run is through guided practice. 

We will be meeting from 8-11 and 3-7, which are generally the best times for painting.  This will allow lots of time to visit, meet, and network in the middle of the day- something I often have wished I had more of in workshops I've taken.  Plus, it's Kauai!  :DSo, I'm sure there'll be swimming, sunbathing, beer, shopping, etc.  Perhaps in that order...


My Approach-

I'll teach in the mornings, with the very important "lab time" following it.  My aim is to simulate what it feels like to paint plein air, so everyone ought to be using their plein air setup, indoors.  This will allow people to experiment and learn through focused play and exploration- the way I've taught myself the most!!  With such a small group, I'll be able to provide lots of hands on input and guidance, as well as mini-demo's while people try and apply their new skills free from having to make a painting.  The goal is to build a guided, "fear free" environment where we can try out new things!  The afternoons will be for painting plein air in beautiful Kauai.  The intent for the plein air work is to apply the tools we've been exploring in the morning.  Additionally, of course, plein air painting is its own skill, so we'll be talking and learning about that too.

All in all, we'll be experimenting with reducing paintings to simpler and simpler values, exploring repeatedable, controllable color mixing, and doing wet into wet work and experimentation.  I'll have handouts available based on the activities and guided practice.


Sharing About Yourself So I Can Teach You Better-

I'm also interested, ahead of time, in having students provide samples of their work by email, and have them describe where they're at in their painting journey and what they'd like to get out of the class.  The goal is to maximize the opportunity for learning in a short amount of time, and to experiment with new learning tools that you can try and continue later on, on your own.  The more I know about you and what you are aiming for, the better I can tailor what I offer up in the classes.  I'm very interested in making it an exciting, truly helpful and educational experience for the all the students!


Cost and Location-

The workshop will run Thurs, July 7th- Saturday June 9th, and the fee is 300$.  My wife and I are running the workshop ourselves from a large house we have rented on the north-east end of the island, close to Anahola. 

The 300$ fee is due up front, to reserve your spot, but is 100% refundable until June 23rd (2 weeks before the workshop begins).  I'll be taking payment by Paypal, which also accepts CC's in general.  We're not providing group rates for housing, meals, on-island transportation, or airfaire.  That's for each individual person to address on his or her own.  This will allow for more flexibility in terms of each participants likes, as well as their own financial needs. 

Please note, each person will need to bring their own plein air setup, brushes, paper, etc.  These will not be provided, and will be required for the workshop.