Kauai Watercolor Workshop

Hi everyone!  I'm going to be offering a small group workshop in Kauai this summer (3-6 students or so).  My first one!  :)  We’ll spend time “in the lab” picking up and practicing skills, and then we’ll go out and apply what we’ve learned as we paint plein air.  In Kauai!  Sheesh!  :DSimplify your values and practice building stronger compositions on-site.  Explore wet-into-wet work through play.  Have fun, gather skills that will help you improve, and get guidance!

Thursday July 7th- Saturday July 9th.  300$ fee.

Additionally, would you like me to prepare a palette for you for the workshop?  Let me know, and for a small fee I’ll have all your pigments in a palette, ready to go.  No fussing around with whether you have the same pigments as me or not.

If you’re interested, please email me at cloudofwords@gmail.com or through the contact page of this website for further details.