Watercolors- Various flowers from class, late-February

We did more flowers in class.  I'm painting on either 8 x 10 or a 10 x 14 Arches 140 lb blocks, and most often both.  I just lay down the wash in one and get things going, then set it aside and do the same thing on my other block.  The class runs from 10-3, so in that time I'm able to do watch various demos and then knock out a few first attempts of my own.

Here's the calla lilly in a few steps.  I scratched out the leaf shapes in the back-

Then added in the darker shadows.  I tried a little pure paint dabbed into the image for the highlights on the stamen.

Here's some Matilija poppies, in a few steps-

And here I add in the darkers shadows for the form.  I admit I kind of prefered it before.  I wish there was some way to keep it loose, but still get some darker values in there, to push the experience of form and shadow without having to go dry on dry.