Watercolors- My plein air set up, and my first plein air painting!

I've started painting some of my watercolor work plein air. Being Steve Berry, of course that meant I had to do a lot of research first. I found a number of easels I wanted, but I didn't have 200$ to spend. So, I decided to make one. Here's my easel set up, looking out over the bay in Benicia. I plan on eventually doing a post about my easel and how I made it all for about 50$.

I had a good time painting. I tried it out at home on my deck once, just doodling, and I've painted on it in my watercolor class and at home, but this was my first plein air painting. A nice, gently breezy day. Had one onlooker show up and compliment and converse with me. Spent about an hour and change out there. Had a good time!  Lots and lots to learn and play with.

Here's the final pic-