Watercolors- Clay Bird for class, early March

These birds just gave me fits, as I was trying to learn how to get soft edges with a wet into wet technique.  The teacher was able to lay down color then get another brush with just water and "soften" the edges.  This killed me.  In the end, I found it better to "pre-paint" the area where I wanted the smooth edge with water, then I would paint up to it with the color.  Voila- the smooth edge occurred.

I must have aborted a painting with that stupid parrot 3 or 4 times.  Ugh.  But in the end it came out pretty good.

This owl was easier, but in the end I was less pleased with it.  The value range wasn't broad enough.  The owl should clearly be paler, the way the parrot is in the first, so the shadows read as something darker.