Watercolor- Rose from class, early February

Here's my painting-

And here's the original-

I enrolled in a watercolor class at a local JC this semester, and the good news is its gotten me painting more. This will be the 3rd watercolor class I've taken over the last 3 years, so I'm not sure if painting various flowers would be my way of going, but I'm trying out different techniques, messing up, learning the right ratio of water to pigment, etc. so that's all good!

For many new watercolorists I find the primary issue is painting too dry-- they simply don't get enough water on the page to really let things bleed and move.  I have the opposite issue-- so much water on the page I can't control or guide stuff.  I love the way water and pigment move and mingle, but I would, at the least, like to be better able to guide and shepherd it around and better anticipate what might happen when I do stuff.  So, this class has been useful.

Painting wet into wet is something I'm pretty comfortable with, but I tried out some splashes and that didn't go as well as I anticipated.  Liked how dark the background came out though.  Sadly, too much water in it though, and I got a dribbled over the right side of the image.