Art- I made an acrylic mural!

As some of you know, I recently finished an acrylic mural that I did in my office.  Here's the finished product.

I've not done acrylics before, so it was quite a challenge!  :D  Layering colors, opacity, viscosity, being able to lay down whites instead of preserving them etc.  Acrylics are quite different from watercolors, but I enjoyed myself enough I'm sure I'll be doing more murals.

All in all, it took about 35 hours, and covers a 7' x 8' wall.  I told Katheryn "I've finally got canvas that feels big enough!"  LOL.  I started it back around Thanksgiving, and did the bulk of the work before XMas.  I wrapped it up a few weeks ago, and thought I'd share my process.