Sharing a blog post about my digital watercolor techniques!

I thought this was pretty cool, and have been meaning to share this for a long while. So, first-- here's the blog post at Art Alchemy that links to my digital techniques, tutorials, etc.

Back in August, when I was making my digital watercolor tutorials for Artrage (linked to in the post below), my thread on Watercolor Works-in-Progress in the Artrage forums was very busy. I got to meet a lot of different people, share art, talk about techniques, etc. It was pretty cool.

Amongst those people was an artist named Tanith Larking, who went by the handle Tigermoth. She's a traditional watercolor artist, with some very nice stuff. You should check out her site, Inkgems. She was trying to learn some digital tools, and was working in Artrage. I showed her some techniques, she watched some of my videos, and then made her blog post. Pretty cool. :)

 It's fun to share some things you've learned through experimentation, a lot of reading, and screwing around! LOL! She was very appreciative, and I wanted to share the post.