The Artrage Pen-Only Toolbar is available to download

Hi all, You might have gotten here from my YouTube channel, or the Artrage forums, or the Tablet PC Review forums, etc., because you're interested in the toolbar. Who knows. :)

So, I've been working over the last year on a toolbar that I use with Artrage when I'm painting digitally. Luc, the programmer, wanted to learn how to code in Auto Hotkey (the language the toolbar uses to communicate with Artrage).  I was interested in having a better UI to work with in Artrage that was focused on only using a pen for input-- no keyboard usage. Together we've built this awesome toolbar.

 I've been designing the UI, thinking of useful functions, and testing for bugs while painting. Luc does all the programming and dreams up awesome new ideas I didn't even think you could do! It started out as a just-for-fun project, but the toolbar got so powerful it seemed worth sharing with others. This really helps me go faster, use the keyboard less, and just focus on getting an image out. Well, we are now making the toolbar available to everyone. Yeah!

This is what it looks like while running on Artrage. :) See that little black toolbar in the upper right? That's the toolbar.

Here's a link to the thread in the Artrage forums where I discuss the toolbar, what it can do for you, and some of the details of how you might use it.  Please go to the forum for the download link as well.  You don't need to register to use the link, but you will if you have questions.  Speaking of which, if you end up having technical questions, that thread will be the place to go, as I'll be trying to funnel answers there, to make a kind of repository of info.

Here's a link to the Demo Video I made for the toolbar, as well as 2 How To Video Tutorials on my YouTube channel. Video #1 and Video #2.