Digital Watercolors- Pterodactyl Waterfall

I did this for the conference as well- or something similar. I got a critique, and so have changed the image some from the originally submitted piece. I flipped it, to keep the movement going left to right (as it is now), I enlarged the pterodactyl to push its wing tips off the sides of the pages to really make it seem BIG, and I pushed the contrast between the shadowed background and highlighted foreground (i.e. the pterodactyl itself) to really make it pop as much as I could. What was fun was that I brought in a natural media watercolor abstract that I've been working on, and found the composition in it by digitally inking on it, adding more color, darkening areas, etc. It's definitely a very specific style, but I really liked working this way, and may play more with other abstracts in the future.