I'm doing the Picture Book Marathon this month!!

Just an update on my picture book life. In conjunction with having done the Picture Book Idea Month back in November, I'm now doing the Picture Book Marathon this month. The goal? To hammer out 26 semi-crappy first drafts of picture books over the course of a month.

Now, that sort of sounded insane to me, personally. ;) But, having done the Picture Book Idea month, and having had those ideas stew around for a few months, I now have a sort of store of ideas from which to draw that have been slightly developed. This is good.

Well, I started on Wednesday, and the results so far? 1 and a 1/2 stories. Pretty sad. The problem? I've been very very busy.

I tried setting up a sort of schedule. I even wrote it into my work schedule, so I'd see how it was going to work, but these last few days have just been insane. Even more so than normal.

On Wednesday I helped Sarah Studdard move all day. All day. On Thursday, I had some free time while the girls were at Preschool, but I spent my time getting stuff done in anticipation of the Tasha's birthday party at my house today. Friday I worked and then went to Fred and Deb's (Tasha's grandparents) for her birthday party there. Today, I'm hosting Tasha's birthday (which is actually tomorrw, for those not in the know), which means clean up and then (admittedly very fun) hosting duties.

And truth be told, when I have had a bit of time, I've been so busy that I have truthfully spent it vegging out or doing things like this post. Am I just dodging doing it and making excuses? I hope not. I'd really like to hammer out these drafts and make them real.

Here's hoping!!