Concepts of Failure-- Half way through the Picture Book Marathon

So far, it's been very difficult to get this writing in daily. I really need 2 hours minimum, but that's just not feasible unless I sleep less. Screw that. I can't do that on a regular basis and still function.

So, I've been trying out some alternative methods. The other day I used my bluetooth earpiece to recite voice memos to myself for a story. Then I came home and typed them up piece meal. That worked ok. Was the text very good? No. But sometimes puking it out helps you figure out how to make it better. More about beginnings than anything else.

Comparatively, today I got rained out of work, but I just didn't feel right sitting down and really using the afternoon to write. Instead, I did something more "productive". And it was productive, truthfully, but putting up shelves in my office and cleaning out the laundry room is almost as bad as saying I cleaned out the oven or some such thing. Perhaps I should have taken advantage of the time, but one wants to feel like one's doing one's part for the house and family. First work, then play....

Still, just sitting down and failing to write has sometimes ended up being really productive. I sat down to write today, and just couldn't really generate a plot, tension, a problem to solve. Have been chewing on that kernel all day though, since, and may have some ideas now. So, perhaps that's why you try and force yourself to sit down and just do it. All good writing is almost always revision. Barely anything comes out well the first time round, in my experience.

Anyways, even if I don't get the 26, I've pounded out more drafts so far this month than I've done in 6 months previously. So that's good. And, as usual, having my time totally accounted for to the nth degree, has made me want to do other creative things- I went out to the Crocket reading series this last Sunday and shared a poem. Got the bug again. I've also been wanting to paint.

Clearly my creative brain is sort of like a wet rag. You have over-schedule me and really wring it out before I produce anything. ;)