Digital Watercolors- A Magnolia and a Pear

I painted these two in September while taking an online class through the Digital Art Academy for learning Painter 11. The magnolia took perhaps an hour or two; the pear no more than an hour. Both were done in Painter 11. Used Skip Allen's brush set "Splashing Water" which is, IMO, the only way to get reasonable watercolor results out of Painter 11.

I never really grew to enjoy painting in Painter, it's full of far too many dials and sliders and check boxes and panels and pull down menus for my tastes, but eventually I did get some reasonable results, and there's a lot to learn from Painter that applies to other art programs, so the time wasn't wasted by any means. I ran much slower than Paint Tool Sai or Artrage though, which is another reason I've sort of set it aside. Anyways, here's the paintings.